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MASIT each year traditionally organizes the following events:

Conference SEEITA and MASIT Open Days

MASIT- ICT Chamber of Commerce every year traditionally organizes this Conference, as a successful gathering of all ICT stakeholders in the region, from the private sector, with a firm intention to establish an effective dialogue with all national regulatory authorities from each participating country.

The conference was attended by over 180 participants and representatives of more than 15 countries. This event was a place where participants could gain access to information of the highest rank of ICT leaders in the region, which brings together the most powerful and most respected ICT companies and associations from the region of Southeast Europe.

More information about the conference can be found at www.seeita.org.

Conference on 17 May - International Day of Telecommunications and Information Society

This conference is organized on the occasion of the International Day of Telecommunications and Information Society on 17th May. The goal of the International Day of Telecommunications and Information Society is to raise the awareness about the opportunities offered by the Internet and other information and communication technologies for the society and the economy. The conference is attended by professionals, from the private and public sector, and within the program, presentations are included about how information and communication technologies (ICT) affect the growth of SMEs, as well as the possibilities that the latest technologies offer as services for the public and private sector.

MASIT ICT Awards for Excellence

Every second year, MASIT organizes selection of ICT Excellence Awards. The members of MASIT have the opportunity to nominate their solutions in one of the 3 categories offered:

  • solutions for public sector
  • solutions for private sector
  • digital opportunities

MASIT ICT Awards are organized in order to nominate the winning solutions for the worldwide choice for the Global ICT Excellence Awards organized by WITSA - World Information Technology and Services Alliance.

MASIT New Year's Eve party

Each year MASIT organizes Christmas party which is a traditional gathering of all those associated with ICT industry. Outlining the party and friendship, the event also represents a meeting place, as a way of expressing the professional connection for all those who matter in the ICT field.

On New Year's parties of MASIT more than 1500 guests attend, owners and employees of member companies of MASIT and Fellows of MASIT - representatives of ministries and state bodies, nongovernmental institutions, donor agencies, embassies, representatives of all academic institutions ICT education staff, journalists and the like.








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