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Export strategy for software and IT services

The purpose of this document is to develop an export promotion strategy in close collaboration with all relevant actors, which enables the Macedonian software industry to achieve the following overall goal: 

To establish Macedonia as a well-recognized brand for specialized, high quality out-sourcing services and software products within Europe based on systemic competitiveness, company excellence and superior customer value

In close correlation to this overall goal, the export promotion strategy intends to reach the following strategic objectives:

  • to overcome the obstacles associated with exporting and to successfully position Macedonian software companies (particularly SMEs) in international markets;
  • to open up new markets and customer segments;
  • to induce export-led economic growth and employment promotion;
  • to promote international marketing and branding of Macedonia and its software industry;
  • to reverse the brain drain;
  • to promote technology transfer and access to new technologies and know-how
  • to reduce risk through diversification of markets;
  • to accelerate EU market integration (ICT).

Summarizing one could state that the intention of the export promotion strategy is not only to facilitate the internationalization of Macedonian software and IT service companies but also to increase the international competitiveness of the Macedonian software industry on a sustainable basis and to strengthen its role as a catalyst for growth, productivity and innovation for the Macedonian economy.

The strategy is developed with the support from GTZ.

Download the Export Promotion Strategy for the Macedonian Software and IT Services Industry

Download the Operational Plan of the Export Promotion Strategy for the Macedonian Software and IT Services Industry (updated July 2012)








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