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Public Procurement Positioning Paper

MASIT expects that the Position Paper will bring its stands on the public spending on ICT to the general public and the relevant institutions responsible for planning and executing public procurement.  In addition, MASIT advocates for improved recognition as the Government partner in the dialogue and as an active player in the key discussions for enforcement of the public procurement procedures and the regulatory policy in this area. 

Moreover, MASIT expects to raise awareness among the public institutions for strategic, comprehensive and structured approach in the process of spending budget funds for the procurement of ICT; to indicate changes in administrative procedures related to public procurement; to indicate the necessity of proper professional development of the employees authorized for planning and implementation of public procurement, as well as to inform about the activities that MASIT will make in support of public institutions to meet these recommendations.

The Position Paper covers:

  • Proposed measures related to the amount of state budget funds used for procurement of ICT equipment, software and services;
  • Proposed measures related to public procurement procedures and their implementation in public procurement of ICT equipment, software and services, and
  • Proposed measures to address other issues closely related to the implementation of public procurement of ICT in the Republic of Macedonia to enhance the capacity of ICT companies for innovation and competitiveness.

General recommendations include:

  • MASIT believes in the necessity to come to certain changes in improvement of the procedures of public procurement of ICT in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • This will encourage competitiondynamics and sustainability of the development of the Macedonian ICT sector, and ultimately the entire national economy, and
  • MASIT primarily expresses its readiness to cooperate with the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and other key stakeholders in order to find the most suitable ways to improve the current situation regarding public procurement of ICT

During the last five years, the ICT sector in the Republic of Macedonia has recorded an average annual revenue growth rate by over 9%, while the sector’s average annual growth rate of added value and number of employees was almost 5%. Thus, the sector creates substantial effect upon the development of the overall economy of the country. MASIT sees the measures proposed in this Position Paper as an instrument for development of the domestic ICT industry, which as an industry with high added value will continue to have a major impact on the secondary industries, and therefore on:

  • The upgrading of the business environment in Macedonia, as well as the productivity of many companies;
  • The creation of opportunities for transforming the economy of the Republic of Macedonia into a modern knowledge-based economy;
  • The support of the export from the Republic of Macedonia;
  • The development of local ICT solutions that serve towards upgrading of the Macedonian society, and
  • The upgrading of the overall productivity and accessibility to information in the areas of health, social services and education.


MASIT Position Paper on Public Procurement in ICT (EN)

MASIT Position Paper on Public Procurement in ICT (MK)

Presentation from the promotion of the Positioning Paper (МК)

Press Release (MK)








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