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Broadband and Next Generation Networks Position Paper

This document represents the view and position of MASIT in the area of Broadband networks and services and Next Generation Networks.

MASIT continuously follows the progress and the development of the technologies, investments and competition in the overall area of the electronic communications and pays special attention to the broadband as one of the key prerequisites for the convergence of the overall ICT industry. Therefore, particular interest and attention is addressed to the overall economic and regulatory environment related to the broadband.

The document follows the standards of MASIT for formulation and adoption of position papers and strategic documents, defined within the capacity building project supported by World Learning Project of USAID in the Republic of Macedonia.

For the purposes of this document, MASIT supported by USAID BEA engaged a consultant to prepare a study and undertake research to assess the implications of sound and consistent broadband policy in Macedonia. The paper “Broadband Policy in Macedonia – Next Generation Networks” was prepared with intention to:identify most important aspects of the current broadband policy in Macedonia,

  • identify most important aspects of the current broadband policy in Macedonia,
  • assess the existing stage of the development of the broadband services and networks through analysis of available key indicators,
  • provide recommendations on long-term and short-term basis toward creation of sound and consistent broadband market in Macedonia, and
  • suggest feasible solutions for future broadband policy in Macedonia and assess possible impact of the policy to ICT companies, business sector and the Government of Macedonia in general.

Following the outcomes of the study, as well as considering the other resources listed in the relevant research area, the EC Committee proposed, and the Steering Committee of MASIT adopted the Position Paper for Broadband and Next Generation Networks.

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