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MASIT Assembly

The Assembly of MASIT is the highest body consisted from one representative of each of the members. The members of MASIT for their mutual questions decide together at the Assembly of MASIT. The Assembly can perform (bring) decisions on meetings, through Internet voting, electronically over mail, or through fax.

Managing Board

Managing Board of MASIT is the highest management body that for its’ own work reports/responds to the Assembly of MASIT. Operative management, working and making decisions, on behalf of MASIT, except those that are left as part of the Assembly, as delegated right is performed by the Managing Board elected by the Assembly.

President of the Managing Board

The managing board of MASIT is managed and chaired by the President of the Managing Board with a term of 2 years, elected by votes of the plain majority of the members of the Board, no later than 3 days after the Annual Meeting.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board makes supervision of the legal, material and financial performance of the Chamber, and for its’ work reports to the Assembly.

Commission of Honor

The Commission of Honor is responsible for the questions for best practice and moral, and also for dereliction of obligations and damage of the Chamber regulations.

ICT Expert Council

ICT Experts Council is based within the Chamber MASIT, where he works on behalf of the MASIT Chamber in establishing communication and contribution in working and realization of the goals of the Chamber defined in the Statute through the use of the individual and collective expertise of the individuals from the profile of the information and communication technology with status of experts and reputable reference knowledge of the ICT technology in the business community in Republic of Macedonia.








Contact Information

ICT Chamber of Commerce - MASIT
St. "Kosta Veselinov“ no.6, entrance 1, floor 1
1000 Skopje, RN Macedonia
tel. 389 75 280 507; 389 78 296 487
e-mail: contact@masit.org.mk


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