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The annual meeting of the 3B ICT Network in Tirana, Albania, marked a new pass-over of the the network coordination as the Bulgarian ICT Cluster ended its one year mandate. The presidency for 2019 was passed forward to the Cluj IT Cluster from Romania for the second time since the network establishment.

The meeting in Tirana resulted in a series of strategic priorities for the network for the current year: the 3B ICT Network, though the common efforts of its members needs to become more visible and more representative for the ICT industry on the global market. The first priority for 2019 is focused on network consolidation, as a process dedicated to strengthening the representation quality of interactions in macro-regional setting, while also strengthening the dialogue with the members respective states and with the European Commission.

In parallel, actions are previsioned for supporting the establishment of collaborative connections with similar initiatives and regions across Europe. A special focus is dedicated to internationalization of cluster members, more specifically SMEs, by supporting cross-regional and cross-industry collaboration initiatives in all domains: public, private, RDI. Last, but not least, based on previous good examples, collaboration in common projects and consortium building among network members for European calls are actions to be continued for the medium and long-term perspective.

The Balkan, Baltic and Black Sea ICT Network is composed of 16 cluster organizations from respective regions active within the ICT industry, with the general objective of increasing global visibility of the region as a technology-driven destination and to support establishment of common research and business framework for ICT sector development.

More information can be found here: https://3b-ict.net/

Give project - B2B event in Albania

The concept of networking has always played an important role in the development of society, allowing interested actors not only to share information, but to seek potential partners for business. In order to build strong collaboration in the field of smart green technologies, Green ITC Development (GIVE) project created through its events an easier way to connect to achieve a mutual purpose.

Tirana, Albania, was the host on 21-22 February 2019 of the second B2B event within the GIVE project, organized by AITA (Albanian ICT Association). Aiming to create a bridge between national and local levels, the event united a great variety of international actors including project partners, ICT, automotive and green tech representatives.



The agenda of this event was dived into 2 session. The opening session consisted in presentations given by Mrs. Romina Kostani from NAIS (National Agency of Information Society), Mr. Genc Celi from AIDA (Albanian Investment and Development Agency) and finishing with Ms. Anna Naydenova, Executive Director, ICT Cluster Bulgaria and Mr. Andrei Kelemen. Executive Director, Cluj IT Cluster.

Throughout the second session, Mr. Saimir Baci shared his experience, emphasizing the “Al in Automotive Industry” topic. The event ended with a presentation of “Tirana last Mile”, given by Mrs. Loreta Hysa, Administrator Mr. Florian Voko, Project Manager and with B2B meetings between participants.

Additional details about GIVE activities can be found on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greenictdevelopment.

The 6th Technology Forum 2019 (Thessaloniki) - Bringing together the ICT community


The development of innovative products has an unquestionable value nowadays. To support the digital evolution, the correlation between the right technological instruments and a profound understanding of the domain is vital.

Aiming to expand networks and explore new ideas, Technology Forum 2019 will take place on the 15th of April, in Thessaloniki, Greece, bringing together the ICT community. Important actors such as innovative companies, research centers and other relevant organizations will be present to initiate business and technology partnerships.

Technology Forum 2019 is organized by PRAXI Network, coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas.

Technology Forum 2019 is the outcome of the collaboration of four important sectors towards the development of innovative products. More exactly, 20 bodies from the Industry, Academia, Governmental and Public environment put their effort into allowing this kind of event to take place, including organizations like Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece (SEPVE), Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Region of Central Macedonia (RCM), General Secretariat for Research & Technology (GSRT), Alexander Innovation Zone (AIZ), Hellenic Management Association (EEDE) and many others.

The goal of the event is to bring in the foreground topics including both ICT Technologies like Robotics, Machine learning, Social Media, and application in transport, education, healthcare and other relevant domains. There will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, stakeholders and others to build strong partnerships and find new buyers. As one of the official partners to the event, the 3B ICT Network will be participating within the 2019 agenda with an intervention from Mr. Stelian Brad, President of Cluj IT Cluster the coordinating body of the network for the year 2019.

More information can be found here: https://technology-forum.eu/

 MASIT officaly started the second cycle of the Re-qualification program

The ICT Chamber of commerce - MASIT is happy to announce the official beginning of the Re-qualification program, as per the first official class held on the 5th of March 2019. The 12-week program of MASIT was launched with the support of USAID's REG project, for the retraining of 40 students who were given the opportunity to gain ICT knowledge and skills and hands-on experience. The training will be realized by Brainster, a company specializing in education in the field of information-communication technologies and digital skills. The program will be conducted in the next three months, and the chosen 40 students will be re-qualified as Front-end developing programmers, with accent on react technology. At the official first meeting between the representatives of the ICT Chamber of commerce - MASIT, Brainster and the students, the dynamics of the classes was set and the Directors from the both companies – Ms. Anita Nikova from MASIT and Mr. Petar Ninovski from Brainster addressed the students with welcoming speeches. The student expectations, but also professors are highly placed and there is satisfaction and great motivation for work and great success on both sides.



The third B2B Event within GIVE Project in Riga, Latvia "Digitalization in Production Process"


The chain of events organized within the Green ICT Development (GIVE) project continues to bring people and ideas together. After two (2) successful experiences, the B2B events held in Skopje, North Macedonia on 12-13 December 2018 and in Tirana, Albania on 21-22 February 2019, another one is about to come.

The third B2B event is dedicated to ”Digitalization In Production Processes” and will be held in Riga, Latvia on 16-17 April 2019. Innovation is the main aspect of technology, therefore, this event creates opportunity for its participants to meet face to face, to establish networking and to exchange experience and market information.

Organized by Green and Smart Technology Cluster (Green-Tech Cluster) from Latvia, the B2B event will cover a wide range of relevant topics like digitalization solutions, automation and robotization solution, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. The event will last 2 days and will be attended by SME representatives, cluster managers and organizations that are part of Smart Green Technologies, Automotive and ICT sector. There will be a great opportunity for Cluj IT Cluster to discuss present activities, joint projects and form partnerships to support the digitalization process.

Additional details about GIVE activities can be found on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greenictdevelopmentRegistrations for the B2B event are now open at: https://digitalization-in-production-processes.b2match.io/page-1641








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