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9th Newsletter of 3B ICT Network





Regional stakeholder seminar on blue economy - Towards a Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea was held in Istanbul, Turkey on 19 March 2019. More than 100 Regional stakeholders from all Black Sea coastal countries, the European Union and other participating countries participated in this regional stakeholder seminar on Blue economy. The Seminar was organized with the support of the European Commission and the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Permanent International Secretariat (BSEC PERMIS).

The aim of the seminar was to bring together policy experts, scientists, entrepreneurs and regional organisations to debate about the challenges and opportunities for cooperation on marine and maritime affairs in the Black Sea. Also, during the conference, experts tried to identify joint actions to support an innovative, resilient and sustainable blue economy in the region. The Seminar was conducted through parallel workshops which was held in an interactive manner with questions and discussions amongst key panelists and the audience.

Presentations of the seminar you will find here: https://cpmr.org/wpdm-package/powerpoint-presentations-ai-nurecc-initiative-event-in-budva-montenegro-may-2019/.

3B ICT Cluster Network on the second Western Balkans Digital Summit


On April 4-5, 2019, Serbia hosted the second Western Balkans Digital Summit in Belgrade, at the Palace of Serbia. The Summit brought together representatives of governments, businesses, regional organizations, CSOs, academic community and the youth, with the aim of setting up a digital platform for the exchange of ideas and proposals.

During the summit, representatives of 3B ICT Cluster Network take part in panel: IT clusters-drivers of cross-sectoral and intra-regional collaboration. Mr. Goran Poposki, President of the MASIT Assembly, Mr. Branimir Dženopoljac, director of ICT Cluster of Central Serbia Kragujevac and Ms. Marina Blagojevic, director of ICT Network had opportunity to present activities and experiences of network.

As a true drivers of economic development, IT clusters today represents not only networks of companies and stakeholders interested in shaping fast growing industry and improving business climate within the country, but an important facilitators of cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration. Representatives of 3B ICT Cluster Network emphasize benefits and progress that joint efforts and collaboration can bring, and audience.

B2B networking event “Digitalization in Production Processes”


Green-Tech Cluster and other Green ICT Development (GIVE) project partners organized B2B event “The Digitalization in Production processes”. This was the third B2B event what was organized within the Green ICT Development (GIVE) project and it was held in Riga, Latvia on 16-17 April 2019. The event was attended by organisations, production companies and solution providers for digitalization, automation and robotization solutions. The main goal of the event was networking at the national and regional level. The event lasted for two days, which was attended by 49 participants not only from Latvia, but also from Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia.

On the first day of the event, clusters, representatives of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia and other support institutions, discussed the role of clusters in enhancing the business efficiency of small and medium enterprises. Aigars Lazdiņš, a representative of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, gave an insight into the development of Latvian clusters. During the event, a discussion was held between the representatives of the Balkans and the Baltic States about potential cooperation opportunities using the available support programs, which were told by the representative of the European Business Support Network Jekaterina Vanaga, and the representative of the Latvian Technology Center Juris Balodis.


At the end of the first day, cluster representatives were introduced to the technological solutions used in RTU Design Factory, as well as participants of the event were able to hear the ideas and solutions of the X-Industries hackathon, which would facilitate work and solve several problems for Latvian food companies. On the second day of the event, the manufacturing companies had a great opportunity to meet and hear automation solution providers to discuss the steps to make the business more efficient. After the opening of the event, Neils Kalnins presented the 5G’s future potential to the participants, while Martins Velde, representative of Ventspils High Technology Park, told about the role of Digital Innovation Centers in the digitalisation process.

However, in order to reflect the already existing achievements in the field of digitization and automation, five business representatives were invited to share their experiences. These companies included representatives of Latvian companies and representatives of companies from Estonia and Romania. At the end of the event, 33 pre-planned meetings were attended by the participants, but at least 30 new meetings were organized due to the high interest of the participants. Thanks to this exciting event, participants not only expanded their range of potential cooperation.

DIGIT 2019 Cross-Sector Conference in Kragujevac, Serbia



On May 9, 2019, ICT Cluster of Central Serbia successfully organized cross-sector one-day conference called DIGIT 2019 - Digitally Transformed Supply Chains – Impacts and Opportunities for Serbian Suppliers and IT Technology Providers. Conference was organized with German agency for international Cooperation, who was co-organizer and sponsor of the event within the project ICT Certification and ICT Conference 2018-2019.

The event was organized in newly reconstructed and business conferences-oriented venue W&W Center in Kragujevac. The topics of the conference were:

- Digital Transformation- Industry 4.0

- Supply Chain Management- Supplier Qualification

- Cross-industry Collaboration.

The main idea of the event is to initiate the collaboration between an IT sector and metal sector which is one of the traditional sectors of Central Serbia region. Event gathered one of the greatest companies from metal sector such as Siemens Serbia, Metalac Group and MIND Group, who presented themselves, their digitalization plans and ongoing activities and supplier qualification for SMEs from these two sectors who want to become the part of their supply chain.

In the second part of the agenda Center for Digital Transformation of Serbia took the floor and presented the best practices that currently exist in their portfolio and after CDT, ICT case studies took place as a potential response to the growing needs for digital transformation in metal sector companies. Representatives from the fields of Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, scanning and IoT presented the possibilities for use of these technologies in digitalization of supply chain management processes in metal sector. Best practice examples of the use were presented.

Specific added value that conference had for the participants were B2B meetings organized in terms of connecting the companies from two sectors towards potential initiating joint activities, projects and contracts. Numerous informal meetings happened and a lot of constructive discussion were taking place during the event. After event completion, networking dinner was organized for the participants of the event in order to continue communication in relaxing and informal atmosphere.

Conference teaser link: https://youtu.be/uysKoMPXOFA

Photo gallery link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zaT6J9S1nXK9p2BtDzDJ1LHMYneXrT_8?usp=sharing

Lecturers presentations link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mbmJYd1Ytw5UCoY8P_ApdAbbE-WD7kKm?usp=sharing 

Conference video link: https://youtu.be/xvnpec5tSI0

MASIT and Datalab organized Pantheon conference 2019


MASIT – ICT Chamber of Commerce and Datalab successfully organized Pantheon conference 2019 dedicated to digitalization, which was held on 14 May 2019 in Skopje, Marriot Hotel. The event started with panel session moderated by the Executive director of MASIT, Mrs. Anita Nikova.During the session the CEO of Datalab, Mr. Moreno Rodman emphasized the importance of digitalization and usage of new technologies within the companies in order to stay on the market in the following years.

Also, the Minister of information society and administration in North Macedonia, Mr. Damjan Manchevski said that the private sector and the government need to work together in order to achieve higher level of digitalization not only in the companies but also in the process of digitalization of the public sector.The President of the Managing Board of MASIT, Mrs. Aneta Antova Pesheva stated the fact that without the developed IT industry in the country, no other vertical sector in the economy can be successful.

The session ended with speech by representatives of the formal and informal education sector in North Macedonia, the Assistant professor of the Faculty of Economics in Skopje, PhD. Mijalce Santa and the CMO of Brainster Mr. Darjan Radenkovic. They highlighted that the education of the managers and employees is even more important that the technologies in order to have successful and faster digitalization.The event ended with three different presentations by partner companies of Datalab, where they showcased the usage of Pantheon software to provide digital solutions for their clients.


 The fourth B2B Event within GIVE Project in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian Automotive Cluster is pleased to invite you to participate in the fourth B2B event what will be organized in the framework of Green Ict deVElopment (GIVE) project. The event will be held in Serbia on 19-20 June 2019. During the B2B event the participants will meet face to face, in order to establish networking and discuss present activities, products, services, joint projects, partnerships, exchange of experience and market information.

The event will be attended by cluster managers, SME representatives and organisations coming from the 3 main sectors: Smart Green Technologies, Automotive and ICT sector and 6 countries - Albania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, North Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia. Registration form for the event will follow soon.

Copernicus environmental solution hackathon 

 Green and Smart Technology Cluster invite every hackathon enthusiast to apply for Copernicus Hackathon, which will be held in Liepaja! Hackathon will take place from 7 to 9 June in the Coworking Liepaja and will last 48 hours! During the event, the teams created by the participants will compete with each other to find solutions to various challenges using Copernicus Earth observation (EO) data and services! Copernicus hackathon organization is financed by the European Commission and it will bring together developers, entrepreneurs and topic-specific experts. More information about the event you will find here: http://greentechlatvia.eu/en/copernicushackathon/.








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