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Authentic interpretation of Article 14 of the Value Added Tax Act will provide a positive impulse for further investments in the ICT industry





Authentic interpretation of Article 14 of the Value Added Tax Act by the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia will provide strong incentives for domestic and foreign ICT companies to continue to invest and create new jobs.

This statement was delivered on the press conference in MASIT today by the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Mr. Damjan Mancevski, Secretary General of the Government, Mr. Dragi Raskovski, Mrs. Marijana Andric, MASIT tax expert, Mr, Ivica Jefic, Lawyer and the CEO of Macedonia 2025, Mrs. Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski.

"As a individual coming from the private sector, I think that the rigid interpretation of legal norms does not go in favor of business. This authentic interpretation is an impulse for the future development of the ICT industry and an example for other companies that have problems interpreting some legal norms, to initiate an initiative for their examination ", stated, Minister Mancevski.



Mrs. Marijana Andric, a representative of MASIT, explained that the need for authentic interpretation occurred due to the problem with the manner of procurement of various types of IT, marketing, administrative and similar services provided abroad were not adequately treated from the aspect of Article 14 of the Law on Value Added Tax.

This article defines the place of delivery according to the place of the event, where with the adoption of the Law in 1999 the place of the event of information technology is considered the place where the user of the service is located.

"In the beginning, there were no dilemmas in the application of this article, but with the emergence of new services in recent years in the performance of inspection supervision by the Public Revenue Office there was a dilemma which services can be subject to this paragraph. As a result of that the inspectors demanded that every service be read out explicitly in the law. Therefore, the companies from the IT industry, as well as other intellectual services producers, faced a serious risk of additional borrowing with an obligation to Value Added Tax, "explained Mrs. Andric.

After the numerous meetings held with the officials in the Public Revenue Office and the Ministry of Finance, it was concluded that the authentic interpretation of this article is the only solution for the two stakeholders - the tax authority and the economy. Finally, the problems with the place of origin of the services are overcomed, and the obligation to calculate the VAT for the export of this type of services is determined.

"This positive example with an authentic interpretation given by the Assembly exceeds every opportunity for anyone to spread this article from the Law. We believe that according to this interpretation, the Public Revenue Office will change some of its solutions in the interests of the companies, said Mr. Ivica Jeftić.

Following this successful example, MASIT continues with activities aimed at improving business regulations that are directly related to the ICT industry. Currently, the best-quality ones are proposing measures that simplify business conduct and contribute to environmental protection, reducing the use of paper by introducing e-invoice through electronic signature and trusted services and electronic delivery of acts to employees and other contributors.

Mr. Dragi Raskovski, Secretary General of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia stressed that authentic interpretation is a very powerful instrument rarely used in our country and as a University Professor pointed out that the tool will be used in textbooks, emphasizing that we create the right to serve people, not yes We are slaving on legal norms.

The video of the press conference is available on the following link.








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